samedi 10 février 2018


Frig — a film in three parts (Love, Shit and Sperm) — is an experimental drama beginning with the end of a love affair. Love and the resulting experience are presented as a metaphor that goes beyond the personal and into a deeper consideration of life’s cycles, ultimately becoming a reflection on life, death and rebirth. Opening with a personal poem and accompanied by fragmented images, the film plunge into Sade’s universe in “120 Days of Sodom” and charts the descent into one’s own, personal hell, revealing the hidden face of societ.

Dir: Antony Hickling
Scr: Antony Hickling, Biño Sauitzvy
Cast: Biño Sauitzvy, Thomas Laroppe, Luc Bruyère, Arthur Gillet, Alvaro Lombard, François Brunet, Gaëtan Vettier

France | 61’ | experimental, drama

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