jeudi 25 juin 2015

Bianca Casady - "The dead season - La morte saison"

BIANCA CASADY - "The dead season - La morte saison"
Archa theatre - Prague
19.06.15 (20:00)

In a special solo project Bianca Casady (CocoRosie) will present her talents both as a musician and filmmaker. She will play and sing songs and music to her film currently in production "The dead Saison - La morte saison" (featuring Biño Sauitzvy, Rebecca Wright and Jean Marc Ruellan).

Bianca Casady (Coco) is an American-born musician and visual artist.  She and her sister Sierra (Rosie) Casady created twelve years ago the musical band CocoRosie. The sisters were born and raised in the United States, but formed the band in Paris after meeting for the first time after years of separation. Since then for their common as well as individual work they use the CocoRosie brand.

In Archa Theatre Bianca will introduce herself not only as a musician but also as a filmmaker. She will perform a live score to her new film, which still in process. In the film she follows the journeys of a set of outsider characters, The Lonely Clown, The Handless Maiden, The Wino Vagabond. “They are all in search of home. They seem to be already dead, walking in a vague dream. Homeward ghosts of no tomorrow”, says Bianca. The Prague performance will be developed from the project presented in Centre Pompidou in Paris last November.

On the stage of the Archa Theatre Bianca will be accompanied by Jean-Marc Ruellan on piano, Doug Wieselman on saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet and electric guitar (Doug Wieselman is member of the Antony and the Johnsons, and is known by working with artists like John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards, Lou Reed, Joan-As-Policewoman, Laurie Anderson and others), Biño Sauitzvy, dancer, Laerke Grontved and Anders Firing Aardal. 

Bianca will come to Prague from Moscow right after the premiere of their collaboration of CocoRosie with Robert Wilson. They created music for the Wilson’s production of Pushkin Fairy Tales at the Theater of Nations. After the Peter Pan (staged in Berlin and Paris) it is the second piece CocoRosie created with the visionary of theatre avant-garde.

Robert Wilson said about CocoRosie„Our collaboration was very different than working with, say, David Byrne, Philip Glass or Tom Waits, because CocoRosie are visual artists, too—even if the final execution is sonic. They thought quite a bit about make-up and what the characters look like while trying to figure out how the songs and noise elements should work.“

Bianca is also part of the "Future Feminists," a group comprised of herself, her sister Sierra, Antony Hegarty, Kembra Pfahler, and Johanna Constantine. These performance-based artists presented their work on an exhibit unveiled in New York this winter.

On June 18, Bianca Casady will be special guest of Prague Quadrennial. The conversation with her will be moderated by Ondřej Hrab.

CocoRosie – The Dead Season is presented by Archa Theatre in collaboration with PQ 2015.

Les Salons de Frasq

Les Salons de Frasq

Jeudi 25 juin de 19h30 à 23h

Les Salons de Frasq sont conçus comme un moment privilégié d'échanges et  de débats autour des pratiques de la performance.

Ouverts au public, les Salons se déclinent et s'organisent à chaque fois de façon joyeuse, informelle et improvisée. Pendant cette soirée, on pourra assister à la présentation de la seconde édition de la revue Celebrity Café par leurs éditeurs Jacques Donguy, Sarah Cassenti et Jean-François Bory, à la projection "Hors Champs" une vidéo de la performance Les Idiotes de Sarah Cassenti et Hélène Defilippi.

D'autres actions surprises devraient ponctuer ces Salons de Frasq puisqu'il s'agit du premier rendez-vous public d'un programme de recherche mené par François Durif, Biño Sauitzvy, David Liver et Anne Dreyfus. il vont questionner le mot "performance" afin d'aboutir au printemps 2016 à la formulation d'un nouveau lexique sur ce champs de l'art. Un projet qui a reçu le soutien d'Arcadi au titre du FSIR en 2015.

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