dimanche 17 mars 2013

CocoRosie - Salle Pleyel / Paris


Sensual witches Coco Rosie moved into the dark cocoon of Pleyel (Paris 8) to pay tribute to the famous pioneer artist Laurie Anderson. In a religious silence, surrounded by surreal images of an happy-sad scareclown, lost in dead landscapes, spellbound sisters delivered a captivating show, full of black-magic. Here is 'R.I.P. burn face', wonderful song, from their album 'Grey Oceans', led by Sierra's lyric voice and played in a singular way (notice the strange change of tone at 2mn20), completly rebuilt by the help of an excellent musical band as well as a human beat-box.

Domaine privé Laurie Anderson

Vendredi 08/03 2013 20:00
  • Sierra Casady : chant, harpe
  • Bianca Casady : chant, jouets
  • Takuya Nakamura : Clavier, piano, trompette, sampler
  • Josh Werner : basse
  • Douglas Wieselman : clarinette, guitare électrique
  • Ernesto Villalobos : flûte
  • Tez : human beatbox
  • Biño Sauitzvy : danse

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